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“Minouche gets information from invisible levels of reality; she has a clear connection with Being.”
​— Regina Reillie,Therapist  - Spiritual Teacher


" Minouche has  a special energy in her presence, a deep compassion, an unusual degree to channel the healing energy / getting you where you need your goals and resolving your health issues." Gerg Shelkun Healer - teacher . San Rafael.CA


Healing - Reading - Spiritual guidance

 in person or over the phone

  Spiritual Guidance


"I find Minouche's intuitive readings insightful and heart-based. What is unique about Minouche is, no matter how difficult the topic, she delivers clear, relevant and accurate information during a reading while also being extremely positive, open-hearted and kind. Her honesty and kindness makes Minouche a rare kind of reader, and one I return to again and again.

Jessica Shepherd, astrologer,

Remote Healing

Prayer Circle

Space Clearing

Prayer Circle

"It felt like a brush with an angel’s wing when Minouche, whom we hardly knew at the time, called to ask our permission to form a prayer circle for our 7 year old son.We were dreading a probably diagnose of a bone tumor. Miraculously, our son recovered fully after his surgery. Looking back what gave us the courage to face the ordeal was the comfort of knowing that healers like Minouche had our son ' s healing in their prayers all day long. Since then, we’ve seen Minouche reaching out to everyone who needs healing and care whether it is someone we personally knows or not, near of far.  To us, Minouche epitomizes the true healer. “ Jennifer and Sae Sohn – Mill Valley


Space Clearing​
"At night, I felt people watching me in my room. It was scary, I couldn' t sleep. Then you came and did your "thing". Now they are gone. The room is fine.Actually it is very cool ! "David F. 13 years old.Mill Valley CA


​​Remote healing and guidance​

"Thank you so much for the wonderful guidance.I have begun to follow the practice..and have already sensed an  awakening and opening to new senses.  I am on my way !"

Love,​Deborah, Reiki practitioner. Boulder.CO


Visionary Painting as  Healing Art

Mandala - Portrait - Mural - Canvas Wall - Sacred Painting​​

Minouche, artist of visionary painting as healing art

"Minouche's work is humble and profound. She carries a spirit of love and healing with her and transmits it to those who see her work."

- Quote on Arts and Healing Network Foundation​

"To take a moment and meditate with Minouche s painting "  Peace Makers" is a spiritual experience beyond words."

Jyoti Grandmothers council ambassador . Center for Sacred Studies founder.

"Minouche's art work speaks directly to​ the viewer's heart. Interaction with her work opens your heart, and connects you with a rich flow, the essence of life itself--healing, soothing, challenging and encouraging us to be more fully alive".​

Ken Ludden, Director Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet. NY​



Visionary Paintings

"Prayer for the Children"​ Video

"Peace Makers" Video

"Terra Madre" Video

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