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“Minouche gets information from invisible levels of reality; she has a clear connection with Being.” ​
​— Regina Reillie,Therapist  - Spiritual Teacher

Cosmic Mother Blessing hand by minouche graglia_edited.jpg


​" Minouche has  a special energy in her presence, a deep compassion, an unusual degree to channel the healing energy / getting you where you need your goals and resolving your health issues." Gerg Shelkun Healer - teacher . San Rafael.CA


Healing - Counseling 
 in person or over the phone
  Heart Path Counseling 

"If you choose Minouche Graglia to be in your life - you will have gained a profoundly wise teacher and healer with a broad and rare range of expertise. 

Minouche  is the most naturally accurate and clear intuitive advisor I’ve worked with in 40 years. 

In addition, her ethical nature and kindness are highly developed. 

She is powerful, wise and clear - and kind, loving, and deeply caring. 

I’ve never known anyone with a heart as powerfully giving. 

S.Spector - Healer,Clairvoyant, Painter.

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 Somatic & Nature Art               Process

"It felt safe and exciting to be guided in the nature art experience. I was pleasantly surprised to have a deep encounter with my subconscious in the process. I received healing messages from the plant I communed while  creating a spontaneous art piece inpired by the plant.  What a gift to be held by a truly intuitive, joyful guide".


"Since  the Nature Art Grief Process, I feel that I am now able to put the past event behind me, I feel at peace with it".
Sophie, educator 


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