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Since the Nature Art Grief process I feel that I am now able to put the past event behind me, I feel at peace with it.
- In my work with Minouche, I have been able to access deep healing very quickly as Minouche is attuned to my needs, and she offers practical advice to follow between sessions. Sophie, educator 

“Minouche gets information from invisible levels of reality; she has a clear connection with Being.”
​— Regina Reillie,MFT,Spiritual Teacher

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Minouche would visit, the waves of nausea would be lifted and I would be re-eneergized to take care of my three boys.” - Liz F.

¨ A true guide.I have had many experiences with Minouche. She has a unique ability to provide guidance and healing.She holds a deeply expansive consciousness that allows me to access my own heart wisdom easily in her presence, and through her words. This is a true guide."¨     - Payton Tontz. MFT, Phd 

I came to see Minouche facing a difficult inner state.Her attunement, touch and ability to accompany me all the way allowed me to return to a sense of freedom with more clarity.

She is the best healer I have ever had!

Christianne, Yoga teacher

A magical guide

"if you choose Minouche Graglia to be in your life - you will have gained a profoundly wise teacher anf healer with a broad and rare range of expertise." S. Spector Healer,Clairvoyant.

Minouche is a rare & gifted healer.​

Minouche will maximize your innate ability to heal. When you leave a healing with Minouche, you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you have been touched by Spirit.

Many would travel half way around the world to meet such an extraordinary healer." Jenai Lane, Spirit Coach CEO

"With full integrity and presence, you are seeing clearly. you speak, You have incorporated the process to help others evolve." 

Crystal Bennett, 

Nature Art Somaric Experiences - Sophie - with Minouche Graglia Healing practitionner _edi
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