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“Minouche gets information from invisible levels of reality; she has a clear connection with  Being.” ​
​— Regina Reillie,MFT,Spiritual Teacher

¨"Three words come to mind in recalling the many experiences I have had with Minouche as a healer and guide: clarity, heart, and truth. Minouche has a unique ability to provide guidance and healing because of her pure heart and dedicated intention to serve other´s highest good. She holds a deeply expansive consciousness that allows me to access my own heart wisdom easily in her presence, and through her words. This is a true guide."¨
Payton Tontz. MFT,Phd 

Minouche Graglia is the most naturally accurate and clear intuitive advisor I’ve worked with in 40 years. 

Her clear receiving has saved her life numerous times. 

I trust her with major decisions in sessions, where she guides me inward to find my own answers - or asking her for her insight and advice on hard decisions.  I’ve worked with hundreds of psychics and healers. 

Her inner knowing is more accurate than anyone I’ve known. S.Spactor


​​If you had not been there for me, I would be dead !​

/ you helped me in the fulfillment of my life, this is very important to me, I will never forget that

Severine Lepan Vaurs . Artist Healer France

My granddaughters came out 'melted'.

​My granddaughters, age 14 and 16, are in the middle of a time of their parents getting a divorce. A very difficult time for them both. I took them for individual sessions with Minouche. It seemed that they came out 'melted'. Their usual hardened exteriors melted. One curled into my hug in a way she has never done before. The other was more open to expressing her pure anger. Such healthy expressions for both of them. I'm deeply grateful for Minouche's work." ​Linea Larsen, MFT


Our lives have been changed through you

Dear Minouche,
You brought Light into our lives,renewed our Faith,strenghtened our Spirit,kindled our energy and warmed our Hearts.
I am more grateful to you than I can express.My friends told me that they had never been to a Hadassah event that was  as meaningful as the afternoon with you at the book passages.Our lives have been changed through you,you are inded a gift to the Universe
Thank you so much
Denise Fox Needleman


My work with Minouche

To begin with, a contact with a pure and beautiful energy. The process of personal movement becomes exherlerating. It takes me to a challenging treshold !
Embadded attitudes are forced to flee !

Every day I thank the Higher Power who brought Minouche Graglia into my life​​

Matthew Owens, World Ceolist and Opera Author


Remote healing and guidance

"Thank you so much for the wonderful guidance.I have begun to follow the practice..and have already sensed an  awakening and opening to new senses. a I am on my way !" 
Deborah, Reiki practitioner. Colorado


​Everything just moving into allignment

​"When I was in distress, I had only a half hour session with Minouche. I felt something shift in me in silence with her. It was on a cellular level. The sensation was one of everything just moving into allignment and my distress diminished."​

Linea Larsen, MFT, San Rafael.CA​


The way energy and information come to you is absolutely impressive.​You are at a level of mastery"

There is a fire, a passion that you have to bring forward Truth,you are willing to be present in the faith of life itself.
There is  field from which you are drawing forth information, , you jump up into this other level of the grid.
You are able to extract and bring forth.

The way energy and information come to you is absolutely impressive.
It is like physic and quantum physic.
You have a brilliant mind, a genius level of stuff you can access.
You can jump in there and bring these information back,  for that person or that person. You are the teacher now.
A bigger story of yourself. It is time to move into. .
Teaching must increase. Training must begin now from you to others.
You are going to all other levels of teaching.
People sit with you and have you witness their process of moving fully into their life, with full integrity and presence.
When you are there, you are seeing clearly. There is no other way you can do your work but to engage with the person., you speak, you see what ever is happening in someone else story you are doing the work.
You have incorporated the process to help them evolve."

Silver Light
Channeling by Crystel, Medium, Clairvoyant, 2004

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