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Minouche, artist of visionary painting as healing art​


"Minouche's art work is humble and profound. She carries a spirit of love

and healing with her and transmits it to those who see her work."

- Quote on Arts and Healing Network Foundation​


"To take a moment and meditate with Minouche s painting " Peace Makers" is a spiritual experience beyond words."

Jyoti Grandmothers council ambassador . Center for Sacred Studies founder.

​"Heart Awareness" painting by Minouche; "i feel it pulls me in my center, in my infinite Heart"

Reverend Christine Hoddil.

"Minouche's art work speaks directly to​ the viewer's heart. Interaction with her work opens your heart, and connects you with a rich flow, the essence of life itself--healing, soothing, challenging and encouraging us to be more fully alive".​

Ken Ludden, Director Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet. NY​

​Visionary Paintings​

"Prayer for the Children"​ Video​

"Peace Makers" Video​

"Terra Madre" Video

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