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" It felt safe and exciting to be guided in the nature art experience. I was pleasantly surprised to have a deep encounter with my subconscious in the process. I received healing messages from the plant I communed with while  creating an art piece . Minouche provided. What a gift to be held by a truly intuitive, joyful guide. Colleen


Since the Nature Art Grief Ritual, I feel that I am now able to put the past event behind me, I feel at peace with it.
Sophie, educator 


I just spent a delightful day in nature with Minouche. In her company I noticed more beauty and felt more awe for our world. And the questions she asked got me thinking and feeling about my life in new ways. By the end of the walk, I was excited to tackle a difficult project (illustrating my book). Minouche is part coach, part muse, and just darn good company. Gwen Gordon, MA, SEP, PSIP

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