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Minouche is part coach, part muse, and darn good company." G.Gordon

"I've always wanted to discover more of the San Francisco  Bay Area's Beauty. As a single woman, I was feeling uncomfortable  going on day trips by myself, until I found Minouche who is a delightful companion. She inspires me and creates opportunities to enjoy my passion for exploring new places together." Malika L.

If you choose Minouche Graglia to be in your life - you will have gained a profoundly wise teacher and healer with a broad and rare range of expertise. 

She is also magical to hang out with.

Minouche  is the most naturally accurate and clear intuitive advisor I’ve worked with in 40 years. 

In addition, her ethical nature and kindness are highly developed. 

She is powerful, wise and clear - and kind, loving, and deeply caring. 

I’ve never known anyone with a heart as powerfully giving. 


'Minouche has a depth of presence and ability to attune to people that is quite uniqueand hard to find.In addition her compassionate heart and natural ability to connect with all different kinds of people make her a rare gem as a social companion.When I went through multiple episodes in my healing jpurney of life that were dark and deeply vulnerable, Minoucge was alwayus there with a constant ability to meet me where I was at and bring love, acceptance  and heart felt connection. I highly recommend her as a social companion!". P. Tontz, PhD, MFT

What a gift to be held by a truly intuitive, joyful guide! Minouche is a wise sage, a fairy, and a gentle mother. It felt safe and exciting to be guided in the nature art experience. I was pleasantly surprised to have a deep encounter with my subconscious in the process. I received healing messages from the plant I communed with and captured an image of this with the art supplies Minouche provided. " colleen.F.

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